How NOT to earn seven million pounds from the weather

snowy countryThe recent cold weather in Europe has brought disruption for millions of people but the man in this article thought it was going to bring him a lot of money! Can you imagine betting ten pounds on something and winning seven million?

There was some interesting vocabulary in the article, too. The first interesting word was ‘bookie‘. ‘Bookie‘ is an abbreviation of ‘bookmaker‘ and means a person or company who takes bets on the outcome of particular events in order to make money. Most bookmakers will let you gamble on sports events but some will let you bet on other things like the weather.

The next interesting expression is ‘white Christmas‘. This means when the weather is snowy on Christmas day.

There is another interesting word later in the article where Cliff Bryant is quoted as having told the Southern Daily Echo newspaper he was ‘gutted‘. ‘Gutted‘ means very disappointed.

He uses another great expression a little later when he says the bookmakers should ‘do their homework‘. To ‘do your homework‘ means to do the appropriate research and prepare well for something.

What would you do if you won seven million pounds?

Today’s image is by Jana Kudrnova.