Study English in Australia a different way

For most people, studying English in Australia means a trip to Sydney, Adelaide or Melbourne. There is another city in Australia that’s a great place to study English, though. It’s Darwin.

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Darwin is right up in the North of Australia and is the capital of the Northern Territories. It’s a cosmopolitan city with influences from all over Asia and one of the places where Australian aboriginal culture is still strongest. Access to all the beautiful national parks of the Northern Territories makes Darwin an attractive destination for people who like outdoor pursuits.

Because of Darwin’s multi-cultural population, there are lots of English schools there catering to new immigrants and overseas students. Darwin is also famous for fusion food mixing Asian and European traditions to create exciting new dishes.

For Asian students visiting on a short trip, Darwin is convenient, too. Its location means it’s about three hours quicker to get to from Japan, China or Korea than the other cities in the south.

If you like tropical climates, Darwin is an ideal place for you to study. Watch out, though – during the rainy season (November-April) there are often serious storms!

To take your studies to the next level, Darwin University is well-respected and offers a wide variety of full-time and part-time courses. Current Australian visa regulations are very fair when it comes to employing skilled workers from overseas, so who knows? You might even want to stay!