English expressions and idioms with ‘soft’

Last week, we looked at expressions and idioms with ‘hard’. This week, let’s look at the opposite – English expressions and idioms using ‘soft’.

soft sell
Meaning: to sell something in a polite, gentle manner
Example: Dave’s an expert with the soft sell. He’s so charming, he can convince people to buy anything.

to have soft touch
Meaning: to be able to treat something gently
Example: Simon’s soft touch was perfect for calming angry customers down.

to have s soft spot for something/someone
Meaning: to like someone/something, often for no particular reason
Example: I helped him for free because I have a soft spot for people who are so dedicated to learning.

to be soft on something/someone
Meaning: to treat something/someone gently
Example: She missed the deadline but I was soft on her because I know she has been having a difficult time recently.

soft in the head
Meaning: stupid or foolish
Example: Don’t give Sammy any responsibility. He’s soft in the head and likely to let you down.