Five ‘quiet’ English expressions and idioms

It was Nyepi in Bali yesterday. Nyepi is a silent day when nobody is allowed to go outside or do any work. We have to stay very quiet and it’s a great time for thinking. Because it was so quiet yesterday, today I decided to share some English ‘quiet’ expressions and idioms with you. I hope you enjoy them.

as quiet as a mouse
Meaning: very quiet
Example: You need to be as quiet as a mouse so you don’t wake the security guard.

to keep something quiet
Meaning: to keep something a secret
Example: I won the lottery but I’m keeping it quiet so people don’t ask me to borrow money.

on the quiet
Meaning: secretly
Example: Simon works for an English school during the day but he teaches private students in the evenings on the quiet.

so quiet you could hear a pin drop
Meaning: extremely quiet
Example: In Bali, we celebrate a silent day called ‘Nyepi’. Everybody has to stay at home and it’s so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

to quieten down
Meaning: to cause a person or situation to become calm
Example: I was very busy last week but things have quietened down now.

Today’s image is by Bethany Carlson.