8th Friday Fun Quiz – Test your vocabulary!

quiz boardIt’s that time of the week, again. Some of us are winding down, ready for a relaxing weekend. Others of us are getting ready to party! I’m somewhere in-between. I have an exciting announcement to make on Monday and I have to do some preparation beforehand. Please remember to have a look at the World of Words on Monday to see it!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the 8th Friday Fun Quiz. Test your vocabulary, test your luck, but most importantly, remember to have fun!

8th Friday Fun Quiz

'Brekkie' means:

To 'have a ball' means:

Even good speakers of English sometimes have trouble making conversation because:

'Smuggling' is:

'On the run' is:

BONUS QUESTION - An 'heirloom' is:

Today’s image is by Tory Byrne.