English expressions and idioms with ‘slow’

Are you having a busy week so far? If so, these English expressions and idioms with ‘slow’ will help you relax a bit.

slow down
Meaning: to decrease speed
Example: Slow down! You’re above the speed limit.

slow going
Meaning: to make little progress
Example: I’m painting the kitchen today but it’s really slow going. I’ve only done one wall.

slow off the mark
Meaning: to delay starting something
Example: Our company was really slow off the mark with releasing our new product and another company was able to dominate the market first.

slow but sure
Meaning: gradual but certain
Example: Despite tough conditions, Simon’s slow but sure progress meant he won the race.

a slow day
Meaning: A day with little activity or business
Example: It’s a really slow day today – we’ve only had one customer.

Today’s image is by Jacqueline Fouche.