Slice of the action

italian_pizzaAs regular readers of this blog will already know, I love tasting different kinds of food from all over the world. That’s why this article on the BBC News website caught my eye. The most delicious pizza I’ve ever had was in Italy so hopefully this trademark will help them make sure the pizza there continues to be as tasty as ever.

The key expression in this article is ‘a slice of the action‘ which means to be involved in a project or event.

The other interesting word I spotted was ‘vetted’ If something is ‘vetted‘ it is checked or examined to make sure it meets a certain set of requirements.

The most famous kind of food where I live is probably babi guling. It’s a whole pig roasted over an open fire. Babi guling is delicious but very fattening. Actually I had some for lunch today so maybe I should go for a run this afternoon!

What’s the most famous kind of food from your city?

Today’s photo is by Ilker.