iPod Tie

ipod nanoI am very lucky because I have a really short journey to work. It only takes five minutes for met to get there on foot. However, I remember how it feels to have a long journey to and from work from when I used to live in London. That’s why this article on Reuters.com caught my eye. A tie with a little pocket for an iPod, what a great idea!

There were some interesting words and phrases in the article, too. The first is ‘commuters‘ meaning people travelling to or from work. ‘Commute‘ is an interesting word because it can be a verb or noun. For example:

  • I commute to word every day (verb)
  • My daily commute takes an hour (noun)

The next interesting word I would like to look at is later in the article where the author mentions a ‘flagship‘ store. A ‘flagship‘ is the most important ship in a group and usually carries the officer in control of the group of ships. When we use it to talk about buildings, products or services, we mean the most important or the best one available from that company. In this case, Thomas Pink’s ‘flagship‘ (best or most important) store is on Jermyn Street, London.

The last words I would like to look at are ‘boutique‘ and ‘concession‘. A ‘boutique‘ is a small shop selling fashionable clothing or accessories and a ‘concession‘ is a small part of a larger store that is rented to another company for them to sell their products in. The most common place to see ‘retail concessions‘ is in large department stores of duty-free shops in airports.

How long is your daily commute?

Today’s photo is by Daniel Diaz.