Seven English ‘love’ expressions and idioms

branch_with_heartsAs it’s almost Valentine’s Day, the theme for our expressions and idioms today is ‘love’. Can you think of any more to add to the list?

love is in the air
Meaning: there is a romantic atmosphere
Example: It’s almost Valentine’s Day so love is in the air at the World of Words.

head over heels in love
Meaning: to become deeply in love someone
Example: She’s head over heels in love with her new boyfriend.

puppy love
Meaning: when young people fall in love (NOTE: ‘puppy love’ implies that the feeling is not permanent and has passed or will pass)
Example: I thought I was going to marry her at the time but it turned out to be just puppy love.

love is blind
Meaning: if you love a person, it is difficult to see his or her faults
Example: Dave- Sam’s girlfriend is so annoying. Bob- I guess love is blind!

love (someone / something) to bits:
Meaning: to love someone or something very much
Example: Thanks for the new sweater. I love it to bits.

love handles
Meaning: a layer of fat around your waist
Example: I’m tying to get rid of my love handles by running every day and eating a healthy diet.

a love child
Meaning: a child whose parents aren’t married
Example: The Prime Minister has a strong following at the moment but wait until the newspapers hear about his love child.

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How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your country?

Today’s image is by Renate Kalloch.