English expressions and idioms with ‘pull’

The theme for this week’s English expressions and idioms is ‘pull’. Can you think of any others to add to the list?

pull a fast one
Meaning: to trick someone
Example: That criminal pulled a fast one and ran off with my money.

pull the plug
Meaning: to stop giving assistance or support
Example: I think it’s time to pull the plug on this project. Let’s cease our funding.

pull your weight
Meaning: to do a sufficient amount of work (especially as part of a group)
Example: Dave really isn’t pulling his weight. He’s so lazy.

pull (something) off
Meaning: to succeed in doing something
Example: I didn’t believe he would manage to won the competition but he pulled it off.

pull your socks up
Meaning: to improve your performance
Example: Your work has been terrible recently. You really need to pull your socks up.

pull through
Meaning: to survive
Example: After a long struggle with cancer, she finally pulled through and recovered.

Today’s image is by Michal Zacharzewski.