English expressions and idioms with ‘fast’

It’s a busy week this week and I need to get motivated. These English idioms and expressions with ‘fast’ should do the trick!

to pull a fast one
Meaning: to carry out a clever (usually nasty) trick
Example: Dave said if I gave him £100, he would get me a good deal on a new TV but he pulled a fast one and ran off with the money.

life in the fast lane
Meaning: to live a dangerous, risky lifestyle
Example: Simon loves gambling and sports cars. He lives his life in the fast lane.

to make a fast buck
Meaning: to make money easily, usually in a dishonest way
Example: Dave thought he could make a fast buck selling stolen TVs but the police caught him in the end.

on the fast track
Meaning: likely to get somewhere or achieve something faster than usual
Example: Her attitude and knowledge put her on the fast track to success.

to hold fast
Meaning: to remain secure
Example: It was a big storm but the ropes held fast and the tent didn’t blow away.

Today’s image is by Ariel da Silva Parreira.

English expressions and idioms with ‘pull’

The theme for this week’s English expressions and idioms is ‘pull’. Can you think of any others to add to the list?

pull a fast one
Meaning: to trick someone
Example: That criminal pulled a fast one and ran off with my money.

pull the plug
Meaning: to stop giving assistance or support
Example: I think it’s time to pull the plug on this project. Let’s cease our funding.

pull your weight
Meaning: to do a sufficient amount of work (especially as part of a group)
Example: Dave really isn’t pulling his weight. He’s so lazy.

pull (something) off
Meaning: to succeed in doing something
Example: I didn’t believe he would manage to won the competition but he pulled it off.

pull your socks up
Meaning: to improve your performance
Example: Your work has been terrible recently. You really need to pull your socks up.

pull through
Meaning: to survive
Example: After a long struggle with cancer, she finally pulled through and recovered.

Today’s image is by Michal Zacharzewski.