10th Friday Fun Quiz

We’ve had such an interesting week at the World of Words, this week. We’ve chosenĀ our theme tunes, seen some beautiful people and even had a post from another country.

As always, it’s time to test your vocabulary and general knowledge with the 10th Wil’s World of Words Friday Fun Quiz. Good luck everyone and have a great weekend!

'Face value' means:

A 'billboard' is:

A 'tout' is:

'Mind-popping' means:

To 'polish up' means:

BONUS QUESTION - A 'media poll' is:

Beautiful people

Can you imagine a website that only lets beautiful people join? Well there really is such a thing. This article on the Reuters website takes a look at which nationalities were considered ‘most beautiful’ by users of the site.

I was a little upset to see the Brits do so badly but I guess everyone has their own opinions on what is considered ‘beautiful’.

There are some interesting expressions in the article, too. First, let’s look at a quote from Greg Hodge:

I would say Britain is stumbling because they don’t spend as much time polishing up their appearance and they are letting themselves down on physical fitness,

The first interesting expression here is ‘polishing up‘. To ‘polish up‘ means to improve or make something look nicer.

The other interesting expression is ‘letting themselves down‘. To ‘let yourself down‘ means not to fulfil your potential or do as well as you could.

Slightly later, Hodge is quoted again using the word ‘toned‘. To be ‘toned‘ means to have clearly defined muscles and very little fat.

He also mentions that German men and women weren’t ‘faring well‘. To ‘fare well‘ means to perform well or to do a good job.

What do you consider to be ‘beautiful’?