A sweet start to the week

I’ve had a very busy time this weekend. I promised you on Friday that I have some exciting news and here it is.

The kind people over at learn2lingo have invited me to write their blog for them. It’s a great site for finding a private teacher to learn with or even for teaching your native language. Have a look if you have time because I’ll be sharing some great tips there to help you with your English.

I’ve also signed up there as a teacher. If you’d like a one-to-one online English class with me or one of the other great learn2lingo teachers, click here.

I had a little time to read the news this weekend, though and it looks like the chefs in this article were even busier than I was. I like tiramisu but I think if I tried to eat one this big, I would end up like this person!

Although it was a short article, there was a lot of interesting vocabulary in it. The first paragraph is full of useful words and expressions:

A dozen chefs in France have laid claim to rustling up the world’s largest Tiramisu dessert, weighing over a tonne and having to be stored in an ice rink.

We’ve seen dozen before here so I won’t go into that one again. We’ve not seen ‘laid claim‘ before, though. It means to say that something belongs to you. We can ‘lay claim‘ to something abstract, like a record, or even something material, like a piece of land.

The other interesting expression there is ‘rustling up‘ meaning to create. I can ‘rustle up‘ fried rice but I’m not much good at cooking anything else!

It’s also mentioned that the tiramisu needed to be stored in an ice rink. An ‘ice rink‘ is a place where we can go ice skating.

The last interesting expression I would like to look at here is ‘pick me up‘. When we use ‘pick me up‘ as a noun, it means something that can give you energy if you are tired or make you feel happy when you are sad. I guess a tasty tirimisu can do either!