Nine fun English ‘party’ expressions and idioms

champagne_glasesHow are you celebrating New Year’s Eve this year? Are you going to a party? If so, these nine fun English ‘party’ expressions and idioms will come in useful for you!

1. the life and soul of a party
Meaning: a person who really enjoys a party and encourages others to enjoy it, too
Example: Did you see Lisa dancing on the table? She really was the life and soul of that party.

2. a party pooper
Meaning: a person who doesn’t participate in the activities at a party
Example: Simon wouldn’t dance last night. He’s such a party pooper.

3. to party hard
Meaning: to really enjoy yourself at a party
Example: Dave really partied hard last night. He was drinking until 3am!

4. to crash a party
Meaning: to go a party when you are not invited
Example: Let’s crash that party. I know we aren’t invited but it looks like it will be great fun!
(Also: gatecrasher – a person who crashes a party)

5. to throw/have/hold a party
Meaning: to arrange a party
Example: Let’s hold a party to celebrate the end of our exams.

6. a party piece
Meaning: a trick or special skill someone uses to entertain other guests at a party
Example: Sally’s party piece is singing whilst standing on her hands.

7. a housewarming party
Meaning: a party to celebrate moving into a new house
Example: We just moved into our new apartment on Monday so let’s have a housewarming party on Saturday.

8. a stag party
Meaning: a party a man has just before he is going to get married
Example: The food at the wedding was great but I didn’t drink much because I was still hung over after the stag party.

9. a hen party
Meaning: a party a woman has before she gets married
Example: It’s Sharon’s wedding on Saturday so we are having a hen party on Thursday night.

Today’s image is by Mocanu Bogdan.