For better and for worse – What an unusual weekend!

It’s been an unusual weekend for me. The World of Words was hacked on Saturday night, which was a bit of a shock. I only thought hackers tried to get into big sites or sites that post offensive information. I guess nobody is safe nowadays, though.

Anyway, things are back to normal now (I hope) and I can turn my attention away from security and back to English.

While I was browsing the news this morning, I saw an interesting article about a man who married a video game character on the Reuters website.

There were some interesting expressions in the article. The first word that caught my attention was ‘otaku‘. Obviously, this isn’t an English word but a lot of English speakers know what it means. The closest English equivalent is ‘nerd‘ which means someone who is socially inept and usually has an obsessive interest in computer games and cult television shows or movies.

The next interesting word I spotted was ‘newlyweds‘ meaning people who have recently got married.

In the penultimate paragraph, there are two more interesting expressions:

have and to hold, for better and for worse

To ‘have and to hold‘ means to be with someone and look after him or her, and ‘for better and for worse‘ means in good or bad situations. These expressions are taken from typical English wedding vows.

Whilst I’m obviously not going to marry my blog, I do intend to keep writing it for better and for worse so hopefully the hackers won’t come back and will leave me to get on with my writing!