English expressions and idioms using ‘watch’

like watching paint dry
Meaning: very boring
Example: That film was so boring. It was like watching paint dry.

Meaning: waiting for something to finish
Example: After 5pm, I spend the rest of my time at work clock-watching until I can leave the office.

watch your mouth
Meaning: be careful about what you say
Example: Sam is very easily upset so you need to watch your mouth when you talk to him.

watch this space
Meaning: pay attention to this because something will happen here
Example: I’ll be posting free English resources here soon so watch this space.

a watched pot never boils
Meaning: watching something won’t make it happen quicker, it could even make it happen slower
Example: Person a– “This file is taking ages to download” Person b– “Do something else while you wait. A watched pot never boils“.

not on my watch
Meaning: not when I’m on duty
Example: The kids might be naughty when you are on playground duty but they’re not on my watch.

Today’s image is by Michal Ufniak.