Could you talk to a bilingual ticket dispenser?

parking_lotThere was lots happening in the news this weekend but this article in particular on the BBC News website caught my eye. I would certainly be confused if a ticket machine suddenly started speaking another language to me!

There were some interesting words and phrases in the article, too. The first is ‘ticket dispenser‘. This is the machine which gives you your ticket when you enter a car park.

The next expression I would like to look at is ‘multi-storey‘. This means something on multiple levels. Multi-storey car parks are convenient solutions for city centres where land is expensive because they enable a lot of cars to park in a small space.

There is another interesting word slightly later on. ‘Rectified‘ means ‘made correct’ or ‘fixed’.

The last word I would like to look at is ‘dubbed‘. To ‘dub’ something means to give it a name.

NOTE: British English speakers say ‘car park‘ whereas Americans say ‘parking lot‘.

Today’s image is by Ariel da Silva Parreira.