Seven English expressions and idioms using ‘eye’

eye_out_for_youto keep an eye on something
Meaning: to watch something carefully
Example: Will you keep an eye on the baby for me while I go to the shops?

to eye something up
Meaning: to look at something and want to own it
Example: I was eyeing up a new iPhone last week.

to get some shut-eye
Meaning: to sleep
Example: I’m so tired, I need to get some shut-eye.

to have an eye for detail
Meaning: to be good at observing specific details in things
Example: Simon was able to spot seven mistakes in my writing. He really has an eye for detail.

bull’s eye
Meaning: the centre of a target
Example: She’s a great shot. She’s always able to hit the bull’s eye.

naked eye
Meaning: with no magnification
Example: Bacteria are tiny. The are invisible to the naked eye.

more to something than meets the eye
Meaning: this situation is more complex than it seems
Example: This seems like a simple case but there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Today’s image is by Rick Furber.