Seven English expressions and idioms using ‘money’

1222895_coinsAs the global recession doesn’t seem to be improving much, this week I thought I’d share some English expressions and idioms with ‘money’.

on the money
Meaning: absolutely correct
Example: I didn’t like Dave’s suggestion but Simon’s was right on the money.

to fork out money for
Meaning: to spend or donate money
Example: My computer is broken so I’m going to have to fork out for a new one.

a run for the money
Meaning: a challenge
Example: The silver medallist really gave the winner a run for his money.

throw money at something
Meaning: to try and solve a problem using money
Example: He’s been throwing money at that business for years but it’s still not successful.

put your money where your mouth is
Meaning: to take action rather than just talking about something
Example: If you really think you can beat me at pool, put your money where your mouth is and let’s play!

(not) for love nor money
Meaning: impossible to do / unable to do something
Example: He can’t play the violin for love nor money.

made of money
Meaning: very wealthy
Example: If you need to borrow money, ask Simon. He’s made of money.

Today’s image is by Ivan Prole.