English expressions and idioms with ‘light’

There are lots of interesting English expressions and idioms using ‘light’. This week, let’s look at those that use ‘light’ meaning the opposite of ‘dark’.

the light of your life
Meaning: the person you love the most
Example: My daughter is the light of my life.

to light someone’s fire
Meaning: to cause someone to be attracted or exciting
Example: Come on, baby, light my fire! (the song)

a guiding light
Meaning: a person who guides or acts as a mentor to others
Example: My university professor really was my guiding light.

to give (something) the green light
Meaning: to approve or allow something
Example: The boss has given my plan the green light so let’s start working.

to be out like a light
Meaning: to fall asleep very quickly
Example: I was so tired after running today, I went out like a light.

a red-light district
Meaning: a place where there is a lot of prostitution.
Example: The red-light district in Amsterdam is very famous for sex shops.

to see the light
Meaning: to realise something is the truth.
Example: I used a PC for years but in the end I saw the light and bought a Mac.

Today’s image is by Bartosz Borecki.