Tie the Knot

I saw a funny article on the BBC website today. Two people with the same name met on Facebook and decided to get married!

There were some nice expressions in the article, too. The first one is to ‘tie the knot’:

A couple with the same name who found each other through social networking website Facebook are to tie the knot.

‘Tie the knot’ just means to get married. The next interesting expression comes later:

Nevertheless, the two were soon in daily contact by phone and e-mail and he “fell head over heels” after visiting her in Florida.

To ‘fall head over heels in love’ means to be deeply in love, often so deeply that one begins to act in a strange or irrational way.

The other interesting thing is their names. They are both called ‘Kelly’, it’s a name that can be given to a man or woman. Do you have any names like that in your country?