English expressions and idioms with ‘home’


It’s been really hot again so far this week in Bali so I’ve been staying indoors most of the time during the day. That gave me an idea for this week’s expressions and idioms. Let’s look at some English expressions and idioms using ‘home’:

home is where the heart is
Meaning: your home is the place you love the most or that you desire to be the most
Example: I’ve lived in this city for five years but I still miss my mother’s house. Home is where the heart is.

home sweet home
Meaning: an expression of pleasure about being at home.
Example: (After returning from a long time away from home) Ahh, home sweet home.

bring home the bacon
Meaning: to earn money and support a family
Example: Simon is a stay-at-home dad. His wife brings home the bacon.

a home away from home
Meaning: a place other than your home where you feel very comfortable
Example: That bookstore really is Wil’s home away from home.

a home truth
Meaning: a fact or truth (usually difficult or painful to acknowledge)
Example: After claiming to have an ‘ethical’ product, it was time for the company to admit some home truths about how the staff in their factories were really treated.

until the cows come home
Meaning: for a very long time
Example: He’s so dedicated to learning English. He keeps on practising until the cows come home.

hammer home
Meaning: to make sure something is understood clearly (often through repetition)
Example: The teacher hammered home the fact that it’s impossible to get good at English without practising regularly.

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Today’s image is by Jefferson Noguera.