Pizza stolen in heist

balaclavaPizza was in the news again this weekend. It seems that the thieves in this article got a bit hungry and decided to rob a pizza delivery man!

There was some vocabulary in the title, too:

Balaclava bandits in pizza heist

A ‘balaclava’ is a kind of hat that covers your whole head and face with holes for your eyes and mouth (see picture).

A ‘bandit‘ is a robber who usually steals from people under the threat of violence.

A ‘heist‘ is a robbery.

It’s also mentioned that the robbers ‘held up‘ a delivery man. To ‘hold up‘ means to steal something under the threat of violence. We can also use it as a noun (E.g. there was a hold-up at the convenience store last night).

I know pizza is delicious but is it so difficult just to buy your own?

Today’s image is by Thomas Gray.