English expressions and idioms with ‘fast’

It’s a busy week this week and I need to get motivated. These English idioms and expressions with ‘fast’ should do the trick!

to pull a fast one
Meaning: to carry out a clever (usually nasty) trick
Example: Dave said if I gave him £100, he would get me a good deal on a new TV but he pulled a fast one and ran off with the money.

life in the fast lane
Meaning: to live a dangerous, risky lifestyle
Example: Simon loves gambling and sports cars. He lives his life in the fast lane.

to make a fast buck
Meaning: to make money easily, usually in a dishonest way
Example: Dave thought he could make a fast buck selling stolen TVs but the police caught him in the end.

on the fast track
Meaning: likely to get somewhere or achieve something faster than usual
Example: Her attitude and knowledge put her on the fast track to success.

to hold fast
Meaning: to remain secure
Example: It was a big storm but the ropes held fast and the tent didn’t blow away.

Today’s image is by Ariel da Silva Parreira.