Seven great English time expressions and idioms

watchOver the past two weeks, we’ve looked at sports idioms and food expressions. This week, let’s focus on time idioms and expressions. Here are my top 7 favourite English time idioms and expressions:

to kill time
Meaning: to keep yourself entertained (usually when you are waiting for something).
Example: My train was late so I killed time by reading a book.

a stitch in time saves nine
Meaning: repairing something when before it has time to become seriously damaged is quicker and more effective than waiting until it is more seriously damaged
Example: You really need to get that roof fixed before the rainy season. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.

big time
Meaning: in an extreme way / very much
Example: My brother loves motorbikes, big time!

time out (noun)
Meaning: a rest or break from an activity
Example: We’ve been working on this proposal all morning. Let’s take a time out come back to it after lunch.

high time
Meaning: time to do something you should have already done
Meaning: It’s high time you called that publisher. You’ve been putting it off for weeks.

time flies
Meaning: time passes quickly
Example: Time flies when you’re having fun.

time is on your side
Meaning: to have plenty of time in which to accomplish a task
Example: We have two weeks until the deadline so time is on our side.

Today’s image is by Vit Dlouhy.