The big breakfast

breakfastI love to take my time over breakfast at the weekend. I like to eat slowly, read the news and start the day in a nice, relaxed mood. It seems that the people in this article on the ABC News website like their breakfast, too. I think they chose a more spectacular place than my kitchen to eat it, though!

You’ll notice that in the title of the article, the author writes ‘brekkie‘ rather than ‘breakfast’. ‘Brekkie‘ is a common Australian abbreviation and is a useful casual word when talking to an Australian friend about the start of your day.

The next interesting word in the article is ‘picnic spot‘. A ‘picnic‘ is when you take some food to a place to eat it outdoors and a ‘picnic spot‘ is the place you have your picnic.

There’s another interesting word slightly later on in the article. It is mentioned that the bridge was covered in ‘turf‘. ‘Turf‘ is grass with a small layer of earth attached to it underneath. We can say an area covered in grass is ‘turfed‘.

Further on in the article, we can see another really useful English expression. Nathan Rees uses the expression ‘having a ball‘ meaning to have a very entertaining time.

The article finishes with one more interesting expression where James Beauchamp is quoted as saying that everyone ‘got into the spirit‘ meaning that everyone was keen to contribute to the positive atmosphere.

What kind of breakfast did you start your week with?

Today’s image is by Dirk.