Indonesian Graft

corruptionThe trial mentioned in this article has been all over the news in Indonesia. I can see why so many people are following it, too. There have been accusations of murder and corruption. Some people have also mentioned a ‘love triangle‘ as the motive for the murder. It’s like something from a novel! A ‘love triangle‘ is when two people are in love with the same person and competing for his or her love.

The first word I would like to look at in this article is in the title:

Indonesia graft chiefs ‘suspects’

Graft can refer to a range of corrupt practices but usually means taking bribes or giving out government contracts to companies in a way that benefits or makes money for the ‘grafter‘ or corrupt official.

The final other expression I would like to look at is ‘clamp down‘. It means to make a severe or serious attempt to stop or suppress something. In this case, they are ‘clamping down‘ on graft. We could also use the expression ‘crack down‘ in the same way.

Do you have problems with corruption in your country?

Today’s image is by Ivan Petrov.