English expressions and idioms with ‘golden’

It’s Golden Week in Japan this week so I hope all the readers over there are having a nice, relaxing break. This week, our English expressions have a ‘golden’ theme in honour of Golden Week.

a golden handshake
Meaning: a financial incentive for someone to join or leave a company
Example: Our company provides $10,000 golden handshakes for candidates who are accepted to out graduate scheme

a golden boy/girl
Meaning: someone very successful or valuable who is often admired.
Example: He’s our golden boy this year. He scored 20 goals for our club.

a golden moment
Meaning: a special moment you will remember for a long time
Example: Our wedding really was a golden moment.

the golden triangle
Meaning: the part of Southeast Asia where a lot of opium is produced

a golden oldie
Meaning: an old record that brings back happy memories
Example: My mother loves golden oldies because they remind her of when she was younger.

Today’s image is by Sebastian Strobl.