English vocabulary in the news: Fugitive

I spotted an interesting article on the BBC News website over the weekend. On the World of Words, we’ve seen Facebook used to find romantic partners or old school friends, but this is the first time I’ve heard of the police using Facebook to track and arrest a criminal.

There were some interesting pieces of English vocabulary in the article, too. The first was ‘Fugitive‘. Many of you will have seen the movie The Fugitive and that explains the word very well. A fugitive is someone who is running away from the police.

The next interesting expression was ‘drugs trafficking‘. This means moving drugs from one place to another in order to sell them.

The last word I would like to look at is ‘clan‘.  A clan is a either a group of families, originally descended from one family, usually having the same name. It can also be a group of people who share the same interest. In this case, either definition could fit because a lot of criminal groups like this are blood relatives but some include members ‘adopted’ from other families.

Today’s image is by Cristina Chirtes.