6 English expressions and idioms using ‘fly’

I’m going on a trip to Malaysia today. As I was booking my tickets, I started thing about idioms related to flight. Here are a collection of some fun English idioms and expressions with ‘fly’.

to fly by the seat of your pants
Meaning: to improvise / to rely on luck, memory, or intuition in order to something
Example: I forgot to bring my notes for the presentation today so I’ll be flying by the seat of my pants.

to let (something) fly
Meaning: to ignore something / let it pass
Example: I was going to tell him off for forgetting his homework but he’s going through a tough time at the moment so I decided to let it fly.

to make fur fly
Meaning: to start a fight or argument
Example: When the boss finds out that you forgot your notes, she’ll make fur fly.

pigs might fly
Meaning: It’s very unlikely
Example: (Person 1) “I’m going to win the lottery this weekend” (Person 2) “Yeah? and pigs might fly!”.

fly the coop
Meaning: to become independent
Example: Simon has achieved so much since he flew the coup and started living on his own.

Meaning: unreliable or untrustworthy
Example: I wouldn’t recommend that fly-by-night insurance company. They’ll abandon you whenever you try to make a claim.

Today’s image is by Shho.