Sound more fluent in English – Take a pause

A few months ago, I shared some tips on how speaking more slowly can help make your English sound more fluent. Yesterday, I spotted an article on the BBC news website about some scientists who have been analysing what makes the perfect voice.

I think the point they make in the article about pausing at the end of sentences is very important. It gives listeners time to think about what you are saying and makes you sound more confident.

There were some interesting expressions in the article, too. The first was ‘vocal traits‘. This means the characteristics of your voice.

The next interesting expression is to ‘send shivers down your spine‘. This means to make you feel very excited. It can mean to make you feel scared, too in a different context.

After that, the expression ‘shudder with disgust‘ is mentioned. This means something we find so nasty that it almost makes us shake. In other words, something really repulsive.

The last expression I would like to look at is ‘deep, gravelly tones‘. This means a low voice that sounds a little tired and worn.

How would you describe your voice?