Eight English ‘music’ expressions and idioms

playing_piano1. face the music
Meaning: to deal with the (usually negative) consequences of an action
Example: That deal went horribly wrong so I’ll have to face the music when I tell my boss this afternoon.

2. fit as a fiddle
Meaning: to be very fit and healthy
Example: Dave is as fit as a fiddle since he started running every day.

3. to blow your own trumpet
Meaning: to boast and say how great you are
Example: I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but I think that report I wrote was rather good.

4. music to your ears
Meaning: something that you approve of or that you wanted to hear
Example: The sound of my daughter playing happily is music to my ears.

5. to play (something) by ear
Meaning: to improvise or make something up as you go along
Example: I haven’t got a plan for dealing with this client so let’s just play it by ear.

6. to play second fiddle (to someone)
Meaning: to be in a less important position or subordinate to someone
Example: I don’t want to play second fiddle to Simon any more. I want to be a leader/

7. to drum something in
Meaning: to repeat something in order for another person to understand it
Example: How many times do I have to drum this in? Always call me if you have a problem with the main server.

8. and all that jazz
Meaning: and everything related to…
Example: I’m going to work on the main content for this. You work on the SEO and all that jazz.

Today’s image is by Tim van de Velde.