Easy English expressions and idioms

A lot of people find English expressions and idioms difficult but here are some easy ones! They all use the word ‘easy’.

take it easy
Meaning: to relax
Example: Your exams are over now so you can take it easy for a while.

easy on the eye
Meaning: to be nice or attractive to look at
Example: Rachel’s new assistant isn’t very clever but he certainly is easy on the eye.

easy does it
Meaning: take care
Example: Take that furniture over there, please. Easy does it – we don’t want to scratch the walls.

easy as pie
Meaning: very easy
Example: That exam was as easy as pie. I’m sure I will get a good mark.

easier said than done
Meaning: something that may be a good idea but is difficult to do in real life
Example: (Person 1) All we need to do is find two more clients and we will make a really good profit. (Person 2) That’s easier said than done. There’s not much business around at the moment because of the recession.

easy come, easy go
Meaning: if something good happens without needing much effort, it is likely to be lost easily
Example: Simon won the lottery and spent all his prize money in a year. It’s easy come, easy go with him.

Today’s image is by Asif Akbar.