Drowning in Chocolate!

There was another food-related article on the BBC news today. A worker in a chocolate factory died when when he fell into a giant mixing tub full of chocolate. Maybe if it had been the hot dog man from yesterday, he could have survived by eating his way out!

Some interesting words from this article were:

A man has died after falling into a vat of hot chocolate at a factory in the US state of New Jersey.

A ‘vat’ is a huge container used to mix liquids in a factory.

the man appeared to have died instantly from a blow to his head by a paddle mixing the chocolate

In this instance, ‘a blow to the head’ means something struck him on the head.

His colleagues at the factory tried to shut down the mixer

In this sentence, ‘shut down’ means the same as ‘turn off’.

Some people think drowning in chocolate would be quite a good way to die. I would prefer to drown in my favourite kind of beer!

If you were going to drown, what would you want to drown in?