English ‘cold’ expressions and idioms

thermometercoldLast week, we looked at English expressions and idioms with ‘hot’. This week, the weather here in Bali is a little cooler so let’s look at some English expressions and idioms using ‘cold’.

cold hearted
Meaning: unemotional, not considering the emotions of others
Example: Darren is never affect by sad movies. He is so cold-hearted.

to get cold feet
Meaning: To become nervous suddenly and not want to do something.
Example: Sue had volunteered to give a talk to the class but couldn’t do it in the end because she got cold feet.

cool headed
Meaning: able to stay calm in difficult situations
Example: Even though the engine was broken, the pilot was cool headed and able to land the plane.

cold as ice
Meaning: very cold
Example: Be careful when you go swimming. The water is as cold as ice.

cold turkey
Meaning: to stop doing something suddenly without cutting down slowly (usually for breaking habits)
Example: I tried nicotine patches but I found the best way to give up smoking was just to go cold turkey.

in cold blood
Meaning: without emotion
Example: He killed her in cold blood.

out cold
Meaning: completely unconscious
Example: She tried to wake him up but he was out cold.

a cold snap
Meaning: an unexpected period of particularly cold weather
Example: The recent cold snap has really disrupted travel services.

Today’s image is by Stig-Espen Soleng.