How ‘cluey’ are you?

A doughnut is a tasty snack, right? Yes, it is but it can also be something quite different. It’s a kind of trick people do in cars making them spin around in a very small space.

In this article on the ABC news website, it seems that the police were not fooled by a man claiming that someone stole his car to do doughnuts in.

There are some interesting words in the article, too. In the title, it is mentioned that the police were too ‘cluey‘ to believe the man’s claim. ‘Cluey‘ is a very informal word meaning ‘difficult to fool’.

Later on, the author uses the word ‘burnout‘. This means to make the wheels on a car spin so fast that they explode or catch fire because they get so hot. He also uses the word ‘chap‘ to talk about the alleged criminal. ‘Chap‘ means ‘man’, and Australians and Brits use it when Americans would say ‘guy’.

The next interesting word is ‘hooning‘. This means behaving in a very disruptive or violent manner. ‘Hooliganism‘ has a similar meaning.

How ‘cluey’ are you? Are you easy to fool?