How many languages does your dog speak?

sad_dogI’d not really thought about animals learning languages before until I saw this article on the BBC news website about a dog that could understand Polish. I know lots of people like speaking to their pets so maybe speaking to a pet in English could be a fun way to practise.

There were some interesting words and expressions in his article, too. The first one I spotted was ‘brush up on‘ meaning to improve your skills in a certain area. We’ve seen ‘brush up‘ on the World of Words before in a slightly different context.

The next interesting piece of vocabulary I spotted was ‘having a chuckle‘. To ‘chuckle‘ means to laugh quietly and to ‘have a chuckle‘ means to have fun and enjoy something.

The last interesting expression in this article was ‘would-be adopters‘ meaning potential adopters.

Do you have any pets? What languages do they speak?

Today’s image is by Maja Lampe.