Free English Resources

NOTE: I’ll be adding more and more material here over the coming weeks so remember to check back regularly to see what’s new!

Free phonemic chart:

Phonemic chartLearning the phonemic chart is very useful for your pronunciation. Many famous English schools and learner’s dictionaries use it and knowing it will make your classes and practice time more efficient.

Download my  free phonemic chart.

NOTE: This chart is based on British RP (Received pronunciation).

Free index card template:

Index cards are a great tool for making notes when you are out and about. Just print this out, cut along the lines, then use a paper clip or key ring to keep the cards together.

When you are sure you remember a word, just throw that card away.

Download my free vocabulary index card template.

London Underground lesson:

Navigating in a new city can be difficult. Get used to finding your way around London with this free lesson.

Download my free Using the London Underground lesson.

Find a copy of the London Underground map here.

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