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Modal verbs for making deductions

English language learners are often confused by the many different uses of modal verbs.  Each modal verb can be used for several different reasons, and sometimes we can use more than one modal verb for the same reason. One important rule to remember about modal verbs in the present is that they are always followed [...] → Continue Reading Modal verbs for making deductions

Languages of the internet – Infographic

Will English soon die out as the most dominant language on the Internet and be replaced by Chinese language? According to data gathered by Today translations English still retains the number one spot among Internet users. However, China has the highest population of any single country in the world and Internet usage has seen a [...] → Continue Reading Languages of the internet – Infographic

English Proverbs

Today’s article is a guest post by Ivana. A proverb is a simple saying popularly known and repeated throughout time, which conveys a truth, a thought or a reflection, often metaphorically, based on the practical experience of humanity. A proverb describing a basic rule of behavior is known as a maxim. Proverbs are mainly used [...] → Continue Reading English Proverbs

London Underground English

Using the London Underground

I was discussing getting around London with some of my students last week and they all said they found it a little difficult when they first came here. To help them, I put together a little lesson on how to use the London Underground and I decided to share it. If you are planning on [...] → Continue Reading Using the London Underground

English vocabulary for mobile phones / cell phones

Mobile phones (cell phones in the US) are an important part of our lives nowadays. There is a lot of specialist vocabulary related to mobile phones and it can be useful to know if you want to get a mobile phone number in an English-speaking country. I recently got a new mobile phone, so let [...] → Continue Reading English vocabulary for mobile phones / cell phones

Vote for the World of Words

The kind people over at the Lexiophiles blog have nominated Wil’s World of Words for their Top 100 Language Blogs award. I’m really pleased about this because I am a big fan of the Lexiophiles blog so this nomination really means a lot to me. If you would like to support Wil’s World of Words, [...] → Continue Reading Vote for the World of Words

Free English lessons!

You might have noticed the advert for my online English lessons at the side of the page. Well, guess what? I’m giving away FREE 15-minute mini-classes over the next few weeks so why not give one a try? You don’t need to sign up for anything or give any credit card details. All you need [...] → Continue Reading Free English lessons!

Study English in Malaysia

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m on a trip to Malaysia at the moment. I speak a little Malay, enough to hold a simple conversation, but I’m always amazed at the level of English spoken there. In major cities in Malaysia, you will hear people speaking English fluently wherever you go. It seems that the national [...] → Continue Reading Study English in Malaysia

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