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Learn English in London without leaving your own home

In my Travel Thursdays series, we’ve seen loads of exciting places to study English all over the world. What about if you don’t have enough time and money to travel to another country to learn English, though? Studying English at home using the Internet is a really practical option nowadays. Some people even prefer it [...] → Continue Reading Learn English in London without leaving your own home

Study English and go cycling in Portland

View Larger Map Portland is a city in the Northwestern United States. As cities in the US go, it’s not been that well-known in the past but recently Portland has become more and more famous as a ‘green’ environmentally-friendly city. Portlanders love cycling and if you are interested in organic food and healthy living, it [...] → Continue Reading Study English and go cycling in Portland

Study English in Bournemouth

View Larger Map Have you ever heard of Bournemouth? It’s a seaside town in Southern England famous for ballroom dancing and as a place for elderly people to retire. It’s also a great place to study English, though. Bournemouth is a short train or coach journey from London and easy to get to from both [...] → Continue Reading Study English in Bournemouth

Study English in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a beautiful city and certainly an inspirational place to study English. Although some learners find accents from certain parts of Scotland difficult to understand, the Edinburgh accent is very clear and the intonation is beautiful. There is a very well-respected university in Edinburgh and lots of independent language schools to choose from. Of [...] → Continue Reading Study English in Edinburgh

Study English in Boston

View Larger Map Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the world. It’s not easy to study there, though. The academic standards are high and the fees are really expensive. You don’t need to go to Harvard to enjoy studying English in Boston, though. There are loads of independent English language schools in [...] → Continue Reading Study English in Boston

Study English in Oxford

View Larger Map People in the UK often refer to Oxford and Cambridge universities together as ‘Oxbridge’ because of the similarities in their reputations. The actual cities, though are quite different. There’s a lot of rivalry between the two universities, too. This is most obvious in sporting competitions such as the annual boat race and [...] → Continue Reading Study English in Oxford

Study English in Malaysia

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m on a trip to Malaysia at the moment. I speak a little Malay, enough to hold a simple conversation, but I’m always amazed at the level of English spoken there. In major cities in Malaysia, you will hear people speaking English fluently wherever you go. It seems that the national [...] → Continue Reading Study English in Malaysia

Study English in Dublin

If you’re looking for somewhere in Europe to study English where the people are friendly and not as ‘cold’ as people in the UK, why not head to Ireland? Low-cost flights to Dublin from all over Europe have made it a popular holiday destination and it’s a great place to study English, too. There are [...] → Continue Reading Study English in Dublin

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