Five tips for speaking on the phone in English

Speaking English on the phone can be difficult. Sometimes, you plan what you’re going to say, then, when the moment comes, the words just won’t come out. If you have difficulty speaking on the phone in English, the five tips below might be just what you need to help you get your point across.

1. Make notes before you make the call. You don’t need to write down every word but having some bullet points with your main ideas and questions will help you remember them if your mind goes blank.

2. Make notes during the call. If you are concentrating hard on understanding the other person, it is easy to forget any dates, times, or other information they give you. Make a note, so you don’t need to ask twice.

3. Speak slowly. I’ve mentioned the benefits of speaking slowly before but it’s even more important when you are on the phone. Give yourself time to breathe and think. It will make you easier to understand and help you relax.

4. Ask the other person to slow down. Nobody minds being asked to slow down a bit. You could even say that the telephone connection isn’t so clear if you need an excuse.

5. Make sure you know where the volume controller is. Trying to find the volume control during a call might cause you to panic. Make sure you know where it is beforehand so you can adjust the volume and hear the other person nice and clearly.

Today’s image is by Gokhan Oku.

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2 thoughts on “Five tips for speaking on the phone in English”

  1. Well, nice tips Wil. I like learning English by blogging. Among the five skills in English I really want to be in hand is listening. it relates to my ability in speaking on the phone as well. Thank you. Nice blog.

  2. Yeah, I really like your blog, too. Nice tips. Speaking on the phone is tricky but I’m sure you’ll be able to master it.

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