A fun way to remember English idioms

Many people have difficulty remembering idioms in a second language. Here’s a fun way to remember idioms in English or any other language. If you are already good at using image association to remember new vocabulary, this may be similar to the techniques you use.

All you need for this is a notepad and a pen.

First, think of the idiom you want to remember. Now, try to draw a picture that reminds you of the meaning of the idiom and the words contained in it. Remember, you don’t need to be a great artist, you just need to draw something that helps you remember the idiom.

Once you are comfortable doing this, you may wish to move on to practising image association in your head. It’s exactly the same but you don’t actually draw the image on paper – you just draw it in your head.

Here’s an example (I’m not very good at drawing!). Can you guess what idiom it represents?

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