Aloha! Study English in Hawaii

For people living in Asia who want to study English in an English-speaking, studying in Australia or New Zealand is a common choice. What if you want to learn US English, through?

It’s a long flight to the US mainland so if you want somewhere a little closer to home, Hawaii is an ideal choice.

Most of the large English schools have a presence in the capital Honolulu. There’s lots to do in Honolulu. The Arts District and Chinatown areas are bustling and home to many cultural institutions.

If you want to visit one of Hawaii’s world-famous tourist spots, Waikiki is close to Honolulu and full of luxury hotels and restaurants.

If you are thinking of visiting the University of Hawaii, the main campus is located in Manoa, Honolulu. This is near where US President Barack Obama grew up.

Many people mention the high cost of living in Hawaii. Most of the time, they mean ‘high’ when compared to cheaper areas of the US. If you compare the cost of living in Hawaii to New York or San Francisco, it works out about the same.

Hawaii is famous as the home of surfing so when you’re not busy studying English, why not give it a try? Experienced surfers will love the huge waves in Hawaii and its easy for beginners to fins a calmer spot to learn with an experienced instructor.

If you are living in Asia, have enough money, and want to learn US English, Hawaii could be the ideal place for you to combine learning English with a dream vacation.

This article was featured in’s Carnival of Aloha.

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2 thoughts on “Aloha! Study English in Hawaii”

  1. You know, Wil, I never really thought about it buy you’re right — Hawaii is a good place for Asians to learn English since they are probably accepted here more than just about anywhere else.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your experiences with everyone! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Evelyn.

    It’s funny, years ago, I had a Japanese student who went to Hawaii for some informal English practice and a vacation. He was really surprised to find that when he got there lots of people wanted to practise Japanese with him, too.

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