The English habit: How to reach your goals in English

Habit forming is a great way to learn new things. I used habit-forming techniques to teach myself to get up early, go four times a week, and learn two languages. It really works and it’s a great way to get motivated and really reach your goals.

Here are seven great tips on turning learning English into a habit:

1. Practise for short periods but do it often. It’s better to practise for 15 minutes and really concentrate than spend an hour looking through a book without paying attention. It is also easier to find time to learn English if you keep your practise sessions short.

2. Stay regular. Practise at the same time every day to help yourself for a routine. Choose a time of day when you can concentrate well. I prefer the mornings but I know there are also some night owls out there.

3. Tell the world. Telling people you are learning English puts you under pressure to actually do it and improve your skills. Telling people online is a great way to make sure you stick to your plans. Write a blog or tweet in English to let everyone know how you are getting on.

4. Find your motivation. If you are a visual learner, put a photo of something related to your goal on your desk. If you are an auditory learner, listen to your English theme tune before you start studying.

5. Enjoy the process. Learning English should be fun. If you can make learning English fun, practising won’t seem like a chore.

6. Set achievable goals. It takes a long time to become completely fluent in English. Break your goals down into smaller ones. For example, certain sets of vocabulary, units in your textbook or or specific situations in which you want to be able to express yourself clearly.

7. Don’t skip a session. This is the most important rule of all. Skipping one practise session is all it takes to break your habit. Even if you are really tired, make sure you practise every day you have promised to.

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