Is this the smallest library in the world?

I love reading so the news this weekend has been interesting for me. I saw that Borders (a famous chain of bookstores) had run into trouble. That’s a shame because hanging around in a bookshop is one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon.

I saw this article, too. I was interested in it on a few different levels. Firstly, it’s great that such a small village can have its own library. Secondly, it’s great that the library is putting an onld phone box to good. Thirdly, it’s just interesting finding out how such a tiny library works. There’s not even space for a librarian inside!

The first interesting expression I spotted in the article was ‘take off‘. We usually use this expression to talk about when an aeroplane leaves the ground but in this case, it means that the service is becoming popular with a lot of people.

The next interesting phrasal verb is to ‘dream up‘. To ‘dream up‘ means to think of or invent something.

Slightly later in the article, it is mentioned that BT sell old phone oxes for ‘a token £1‘. This means that the phone boxes are really essentially free and that they just charge £1 so that their accounts balance properly.

The last interesting expression in this article is ‘handed over‘ meaning ‘given’. We often use ‘hand over‘ with the word ‘responsibility’, too. This means to transfer responsibility to another person.

Do you have any tiny libraries in your country?

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