Espresso Printing Machine

We all know ‘espresso’ is a delicious kind of strong coffee but did you know it’s also the name of an amazing new printing machine? The Guardian has a great article about it here. I love reading and I’m often frustrated when I can’t get a book I want because it is out of print so I can’t wait to try this service next time I am in London.

There’s some really nice expressions in the article, too. Here’s the first one:

From academics keen to purchase reproductions of rare manuscripts to wannabe novelists after a copy of their self-published novels… 

A ‘wannabe’ is someone who is trying to become successful or famous but usually failing! It can also be used to describe someone who is trying hard to be cool but failing. I guess in this case, the ‘wannabe’ authors will be the only people buying a copy of their own books!

In the next paragraph, the machine is described as the ‘brainchild‘ of Jason Epstein. This means it was his idea or invention.

In this paragraph, the author also mentions that the books are ‘warm as toast‘ when they come out of the machine. This is a nice way to describe something that is hot but not uncomfortable to touch. We can also say ‘toasty warm‘.

What books would you like to print on this machine?

Today’s image is by Svilen Mushkatov

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